Mr. Fadhel Al Ali serves as the Chairperson of Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). He is a strategic leader with vast range of experience in corporate governance and commercial roles across a variety of business contexts such as startups, rapid growth, fix-it and turnarounds. He brings 30 years of experience in multiple industries including real estate, hospitality, investment and banking and he led several corporate functional organizations such as finance, HR, Legal, Business Excellence and Marketing and Communication.

Throughout his career, Mr. Al Ali has made remarkable achievements that extends from contributing in the creation of Dubai Holding and managing its 2009 post recession crisis along with contributing to the creation of its new business model as a strategic investor. Moreover, he recorded the highest ever profit for Dubai Holding since its inception. He also succeeded to issue a multi-currency multiple tenor bonds worth of US$ 2.25 billion for Dubai Holding Commercial Operations Group.

Mr. Al Ali started his career as a banker in 1989 in Citibank, and joined Dubai Holding in 2004 where he served in multiple positions including CFO, COO and finally its CEO till 2017, after which he served as FAB’s Deputy CEO and group COO till 2021, before chairing DFSA.

Mr. Al Ali joined CIB Board of Directors on May 2022 as Non-Executive Board member, representing the interest of Alpha Oryx Lts. – a subsidiary of ADQ.

Mr. Al Ali holds a bachelor's degree of Industrial and System Engineering from University of Southern California.