CIB is headed by a competent board of directors, which provides the Bank with the necessary leadership and experience to manage its business with integrity, efficiency, and, most importantly, excellence. The Bank’s board structure is in line with international best practices and allows for the position of a lead director.

CIB’s board of directors enjoys an optimal mix of skills, experience, and diversity in terms of gender and nationality. Nine of the ten board members are non-executive directors

The board primarily focuses on CIB’s long-term financial and non-financial success, and seeks the best interests of all related stakeholders. The board is also responsible for setting CIB’s strategic objectives, overseeing the implementation of said strategy, providing oversight of senior management, ensuring the effectiveness of the Bank’s internal control systems, managing risk, and securing CIB’s institutional reputation and long-term sustainability. Moreover, the board is responsible for setting compensation and performance goals and manages the director nomination, evaluation, and succession planning. It oversees CIB’s economic, social, and environmental sustainability initiatives, performing its duties with entrepreneurial leadership, a sound strategy, and risk management oversight to ensure risks are properly assessed and managed.

Board of Directors